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Only for current grooming customers: we will be calling to confirm your appointment. We will also try to get as much information as possible about the groom you would like.


    We currently can only accommodate baths for

     boarding dogs  going home and regular daycare.  

    We no longer are doing breed cut, clips, shave downs,

     etc.   Our apologies.

Why have your pet sit in a cage all day when he is being groomed. Here your pup can run around before and after his groom while waiting to be picked up.

At Bed n Bones we offer only premium quality non toxic, biodegradable & cruelty free shampoos and products to suit your pets individual needs. Every pet gets the ultimate spa treatment with a blueberry facial massage, which brightens & whitens and leaves a great scent that lasts for days.

The Full Groom 
The Full Groom package includes a relaxing bath with a full body hydro massage, a warm fluff dry, ears cleaned and plucked(on request), nails and pads trimmed, sanitary area shaved, and hair clipped or scissored to breed specifications or owners' preference.

The Mini Groom
Includes a relaxing bath with a full body hydro massage, a fluff or high velocity dry, ears cleaned and plucked(on request), nails and pads trimmed, sanitary area shaved, and a tidy up around the eyes if necessary. The Mini Groom package is great for regular customers in between full groomings and breeds that do not need a trim.

The De-Shed
Includes a thorough deep cleansing bath with full body hydro massage, followed by a moisturizing de-shedding conditioner which is massaged into the coat for up to 15 minutes. After the bath your pet is dried with a powerful dryer that blows out any loose undercoat, ears are cleaned, nails cut, paws and pads tided, sanitary trim(by request) and light trimming if needed. You can also combine de-shedding with a full groom if needed. $10 extra on groom.

The Puppy Groom
The Puppy Groom package includes a simple bath with tearless puppy shampoo followed by a gentle fluff dry by hand, ears cleaned, nails and pads trimmed, sanitary area shaved, and a tidy up around the eyes if necessary(or if the puppy will allow it). Pricing for the puppy groom depends on the age, size & condition of his/her coat, please ask if you would like a quote. The puppy groom package is an introduction to the grooming process, it is meant to be as stress free and simple as possible.

All prices listed are estimates only, pricing can change because of aggressive behaviour, excessive matting, flea infestation and hard to handle pets. All estimates by phone are estimates ONLY

Starting prices at $40 for small breeds. Most dogs take about an hour for a groom. Cost will go up depending on condition of coat, attitude of dog, length of coat,  etc. Dogs on a regular schedule will be charged less due to the time savings. Larger dogs start at $50 .

We no longer have the ability to dematt a dog.  10-15 minutes will be spent on brushing.  Please consider this if you have a long haired dog.  It might be better to get them groomed at your regular groomer.

If your dog is aggressive during a groom, we may not be able to complete the groom. We will attempt to work with your pet to create the most stress free environment with tools that will keep the groomer safe. Please let us know if you know your dog to get nippy when certain procedures are done.


Monday - Friday  7am - 6pm
Closed Sundays & Holidays.

Refer a friend and receive $10 off your next groom.

 ** Groom & play special.  Get your dog groomed w/1/2 day of daycare for only $10 added to your groom.

*All dogs must be spayed or neutered by 4 mos of age if here for a  groom with playtime!  If your dog has been neutered after 1 year of age, one month after your neuter must pass before bringing your male into a social play area.
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The happiness and excitement our Portuguese Water Dog shows each time we approach the turn into BednBones is all the evidence we need that it€™s the perfect home away from home for him. Whether going in for grooming and a play day or for more extended boarding, we are confident he gets the same love and care from Brad, Tami and their staff as he gets when he is with us. Thanks Rookie's Owner