Some of our Daycare Friends:

Doggy Daycare

Is your dog bored during the day?
Are you tired when you get home and wished your dog was tired too?
Does she want to make some new friends?
Could your dog use some training and supervision?
Is he turning into a couch potato while you are at work?

Why not bring them to Bed n Bones for Doggy Daycare.
They get: off leash play, lots of exercise, time to socialize with all kinds of dogs, breeds, sizes, temperaments in a safe, fun, cage free play environment. Please be aware that all dogs do sleep in their own area during naptime.  We do this to keep each dog safe as treats and meals are given.

We ask for a 1 day a month minimum commitment for your dog to socialize and feel safe. Our playful environment is a result of dogs getting to know each other during repeated visits. This is no different from the increased comfort level you feel once you become more familiar with new friends. 

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