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If you are not a current customer, we will need vaccination records prior to a tour time or to schedule your temperament test/trial date before we can confirm your reservation. You will receive an application, directions and what to bring.

Services and Fees

  • $61 per calendar day- last day is charged as a daycare day. 
  • $54 for 2nd dog from the same family with same board times.
  • (discount $2/day when paying by cash or ck for all boarding or 
  • daycare)

$41 per day by Credit
$39 per day by Cash or Check
Monthly Daycare Packages are discounted monthly visits which are NOT REFUNDABLE.  
$154 for 4 day  - monthly daycare package by credit card.  Expires in 40 days from 1st use.
$146 for 4 day   -monthly daycare package by cash/check  Expires in 40 days 

​$350.00 for 10 day -monthly daycare pkg by credit card. Expires in 40 days from 1st use.
$330.00 for 10 day - monthly daycare pkg by cash or credit. Expires in 40 days from 1st use.
$xxx for 20 day -Not Available at this time
$xxx for 20 day -Not Available at this time.

Grooming: We are only bathing dogs that are part of our program at this time.  Small dogs start at $48 and large breeds at $58 but will go up depending on time spent on groom, for length, density, condition of coat, or cooperation of pup. We also charge $25 for Bathe n Play on groomed dogs in place of a daycare day.

You MUST HAVE  an appointment before showing up. We do tours by appointment only in the mornings. You also must have a set time for your trial period or temperament test. Dogs may not exit the vehicle unless we have a signed waiver and all vaccinations.

Trial Day : 
All dogs that have not stayed with us are required to come for a 2 hour trial period which are done Monday - Saturdays in the morning. This allows your pet to get comfortable with us before their stay whether daycare or board. There is a $20 application charge   If you haven't been here for 6 months, we will require a daycare day to reacclimate your dog to a social kennel.  

*All dogs must be spayed or neutered prior to stay .  If your dog has been neutered after 1 year of age, one month after your neuter must pass before bringing your male.  

*Please check your vaccination records to make sure your pup is up to date.  We require Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella and highly recommend Giardia which is a parasite causing diarrhea and vomiting and highly contagious between dogs. We cannot accept a dog that is not vaccinated.  Please email your latest vaccination record to make sure we have a copy or have your vet fax it over to us.

​If you need vaccines, please check our links page.  Our vets have a shot clinic daily and come highly recommended.   
Sorry we no longer take last minute   reservations unless you are a current daycare package holder or boarded with us in the last 6 months due to the trial process.
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